Sorcerer ★★★★½

Five different bangs. Starting off with not one, not two, but five disjointed bangs to create a fire that ravages the entire mind. The magical Tangerine Dream seeps into your psyche as Sorcerer unravels into a cerebral narrative that relentlessly pounds at the doors of exploitation, so grimy and horrifying you can smell it in the air.

Much of this movie isn't the nitroglycerin madness, but it does do much justice to why these people are in their places, and how they're forced to reckon with their realities. Surprisingly slow, exact, and it never lets up, with its combo of stunts and real life footage, there's such a perfect hold of pure desperation. It sinks in through every sweat pore, every surrounding body, every moment of the past. It worms its way in through the nature of humans, through the environment, through the battering storms and the rickety tools of slave labour where your body is subjected to a fate worse than death, only to see death coming from a thousand miles away.

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