Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spider-Man: Far From Home ★★½

The Countdown To No Way Home #8

Far From Home is a movie that got both better and worse for me on rewatch.

I will start off with things I like; the visual effects are solid, the editing is creative, the cast is passable, and the soundtrack was a nice touch.

Also it was refreshing that it took place someplace different instead of New York.

Now on to what I don’t like about this movie.

For starters there is the comedy. Now let me say I am not some anti-comedy person that just wants everything dark and edgy. I have a problem when the comedy is forced, ran into the ground, when it’s used to deviate from something serious, or in poor taste.

There is also some rather glaring inconsistencies and some stuff that doesn’t make sense when you think about it- like the drones abilities and giving a teenager access to death drone tech.

But my biggest problem is how complacent Peter Parker/Spider-Man is here. What makes Spider-Man such a great protagonist is that he makes compelling decisions and goes against the grain.

I actually want to make a video going in depth why I am not crazy about this film that I will save for the video.

For me Far From Home while far from perfect is far from perfect has merit.

Well, the Countdown to No Way Home has come to an end. I will share my thoughts on No Way Home soon, so stay tuned!

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