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  • One Night in Miami...

    One Night in Miami...


    Hell yeah. Everyone killed this! All the actors, and Regina King directing! I don’t know what to say, it’s really great.

    And FYI if anyone seeing this didn’t know, Sam Cooke was killed a couple months before Malcolm X under very questionable circumstances. Obviously not the focus of the film, but worth the mention and adds a lot of gravity to the fact that he released “A Change is Gonna Come” less than a year before his death.

  • Tenet



    Loved it even more the second time. I don’t think there’s another director on the planet who cares this much about “movie magic.” There’s so much here that I have no idea how one would film it, and I don’t even want to find out. It’s never worth asking the magician how he does his tricks. He shouldn’t tell you, but if he does, the world gets smaller and less exciting. I prefer to be amazed.

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  • Mandy



    Let’s get my only complaint out in front: I have a hard time taking Nicolas Cage seriously, in any role.

    THAT BEING SAID, this movie absolutely R I P S . The cinematography is phenomenal, the color palette is rich. The late, great Jóhann Jóhannsson’s final score is one for the books; I purchased it on vinyl less than 24 hours after I left the theater. It’s heavy and eerie, adding to the film’s greatest quality: atmosphere. The whole thing…

  • Columbus



    Man, it’s no surprise to me that this gem flew under the radar, but honestly how does a movie THIS GOOD fly under the radar??

    Time seems to move differently in this movie. I guess not just time, but space too. Every character is floating more so than they are living. Precisely my kind of film, but certainly not fit for those who need action and conflict to stay engaged. This is just people, doing people stuff but in a mesmerizing atmosphere.

    Now I can say that there’s an architecture-y movie that I love. One of the best of its year.