Us ★★★★

Jordan Peele is a great filmmaker. This is far more of a genre-horror film than GET OUT, and as far as horror goes, this thing is great. The technicals are excellent (production design, cinematography, THE SCORE), the acting is often fantastic (looking at Lupita of course and Tim Heidecker). And what an intriguing idea to explore. It leaves a LOT of questions unanswered, but I think a second viewing would be very rewarding.

For me, the one thing keeping this from a higher score is the comedy. Some of the comedic moments are fantastic, and really, really funny. But others, particularly the smaller moments that pop up incidentally, struck me as a bit distracting and misguided. I could tell when some of these jokes didn’t land with laughs in my theater. But this seems to be Jordan Peele’s style, and I’m okay with it.

Overall, this thing is great, both as a horror movie and a movie in general. Definitely worth a watch, ideally in a packed theater.

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