Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★★★½

Carey Mulligan is excellent as Cassie, a women seeking #MeToo vengeance for a ghastly act that ruined her best friend. The film is slick and its dark topic plays out in ironically colorful settings; all the bright pinks and reds - all the colorful pastries in the cafe where Cassie works - seem to provide an innocent, cheerful contrast as Cassie reveals a sordid deed that put an end to her career and destroyed her best friend. The film provides heavy-handed comeuppance for the guilty parties; it hammers its point home. In this world, all males are bad - well, Cassie's father is nice. Cassie walks a dangerous line as she tries to bring justice where there was no justice. The film is powerful and compelling though I felt it fell apart a little toward the end.