Annabelle ★★

All I had to do was just click one button to figure out that this was directed by the same guy who did Mortal Kombat: Annihilation. While that film is much worse than this one this movie is still very bad and a huge step down from The Conjuring films. The story is really predictable, cliched, and copies stuff from many other horror films, the characters are so boring and uninteresting, there is little to no good atmosphere build-up to create tension or suspense, there are many stupid things that just are ridiculous, nothing that happens leaves any impact on me due to how boring and uninteresting the characters and story are, and the film's biggest problem is how not scary it is. The film relies so much on jump scares that it's basically Jump Scare: The Movie. All of them are just annoying to go through when they happen and are not that effective because the movie relies on them too much instead of an actual creepy atmosphere to set up tension and scary moments. I will say that the film has some really good cinematography, some decent acting, and a few creepy scenes but those aren't enough to salvage the damage done by the predictability and just stupidity. Seriously why would anyone buy that doll for their baby? I just couldn't stop laughing when the couple in this film was trying to act like it's the most romantic and nice thing ever that they have this creepy-ass doll in their house. Then it takes them forever to realize what everyone knew at the beginning of the film and that's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to problems with this film. Overall though it is just a straightforward bad horror film. It's not awful or laughably bad outside of a few moments but it's obviously a very bad film that is every standard bad horror movie with cheap jump scares and a story that is as predictable as tar. I wouldn't really recommend this film to anyone and unless you want to see a totally impactless horror film then you could pretty much skip this one. Hopefully, the sequels are better.

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