F9 ★★★½

I really had to think about my rating for this movie. I was so close to giving it a 6 out of 10 but honestly, I had a lot of fun at this movie, and that stuff I like about it I really do. So I'll give it a 7 out of 10 but the main point is that I really enjoyed this movie and seeing it in the theater especially helped with that. It definitely isn't the best Fast and Furious movie, but like most other movies in this series, it is just dumb popcorn action entertainment. I'll say the problems with the film first because I have a lot to say. The characters are still mostly the same and not that interesting, the story is really predictable and formulaic, the film feels very long and by the end, I just felt tired even if I was enjoying it, and the biggest problem with the movie is honestly the fact that I've could've used a lot more action. That's not saying that there is no action in this film but compared to the other Fast and Furious movies I really did want more because the film really tries to focus more on its story which I'm actually not against but since you know where it's going there's little to no suspense. I think that after seeing all the movies in this series I've just become so used to how these movies play out to the point where I just don't get that into the stories. Then again it's not like this series really cares about their story as they care more about the action, car chases, and stunts. I am happy to report that they are still amazing and some of the best stuff in the movie. Also, the movie has a good amount of positives outside of the obvious. The cinematography is really good, the musical score and soundtrack are great, the direction is fantastic, the editing is solid, the characters are still likable and entertaining, the humor gets some good laughs, the visuals are amazing and look spectacular, some of the dramatic moments surprisingly are effective, the performances are great from everyone with the entire cast still bringing in their charisma and charm along with some old faces returning that quite surprised me, and the best thing about this movie is the action sequences. I know people have criticized this movie for having unrealistic action scenes and being too ridiculous even for a Fast and Furious movie but at this point, I've come to expect that now and even if the action and car chases in this film aren't realistic at all they still are fantastic, brilliantly directed, have great stunts, and go to the next level in terms of action for this series. I can only imagine at this point what the action will be like in the next Fast and Furious movies. As long as they are entertaining and over-the-top fun just like this movie and the rest of the films then I will be satisfied and that is the perfect way I can sum up my opinion with this film. I was pretty much satisfied with what I got here. I can totally see people not liking this movie but as a fan of this series, I really enjoyed it. Still think Fast Five is the best of the series but this is still a fun installment that I am very glad and happy I saw in the theater. If you're a fan of the Fast and Furious movies then I would recommend seeing this film in the theater if you can. It really is a movie that is worth watching with an audience and on the biggest screen possible. Also the Jurassic World: Dominion preview was fantastic and it really made seeing F9 in IMAX better. Can't wait for the next two films in this series and I pray that Justin Lin will do a great job with them to end this series on a high note.

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