Halloween Kills

Halloween Kills ★★★

Can we all just agree that the poster for this movie is amazing? That image of Michael Myers and the burnt mask behind the fire is one hell of an amazing image. Anyway, I finally watched it! Is the movie good? I don't really know that I can say that but I will say that I was really entertained by it. Halloween Kills is the definition of a movie that you come only to watch for one thing and before I say that one thing let me get the problems with the movie out of the way. There's a lot to write about here so let's get to it. The story itself is very predictable and not just because there is a final sequel called Halloween Ends coming out next October. It's mainly because the movie is told in a way that you can tell what will happen next and considering how Michael Myers is basically someone who can never die at this point you never get a sense that he will ever die. The other problems also really do affect the film. Many of the characters aren't that interesting and some are there just to make stupid decisions and get killed off like in the 2018 movie, the humor used in the film wasn't really making me laugh, we don't get enough of Jamie Lee Curtis here who was one of the highlights of the 2018 movie which is disappointing, I was never really scared by this movie and most of the scares aren't that creepy, and the biggest issue with the movie is how convoluted it is. The movie tries to juggle so much stuff going on to the point where it just gets crazy to comprehend everything. You can obviously tell that this movie was made because the 2018 Halloween did amazing at the box office and Universal wanted another one made as quick as possible to make more money and this is how we got Halloween Kills. I won't say that the people behind this film didn't put effort into it because I'll get to the good stuff in a minute but you can tell Universal really wanted to extend this franchise more not just with the 2018 movie but this one and Halloween Ends. Guess I can only hope that will be the last Halloween movie because the franchise at this point just needs to rest. For the problems that this movie has though which is a lot, I am happy to report that I still was entertained a lot by this movie and it still has a lot of good aspects to it. The cinematography is great, the musical score is still amazing and used very well, the direction and editing are fine, the atmosphere does create some pretty intense and suspenseful moments, the references to the original Halloween I thought were nice including some well-done flashback scenes and some characters that while aren't amazing are nice to see again, the social commentary used in the film like the dangers of a mob mentality I really liked, and the performances are good from everyone with the standout still being Jamie Lee Curtis and even though she, unfortunately, isn't in this movie a lot she still is great in every scene she is in. However, I need to get into the best aspect of this movie and as I said earlier is the main reason to see this film. Michael fucking Myers! He is the best reason to see this film. Just like in the 2018 movie he is still intimidating as hell. He is literally on a killing spree in this film and that is also one of the main reasons to see this film. The kills are amazing! Each of them is brutal, bloody, gruesome, and just insane but who wouldn't want that from a Halloween movie. From just Michael Myers appearing in places that you don't expect and the amount of gore that the kills deliver it is crazy but it's amazing. Also while the movie isn't really scary I won't deny that some of the kills aren't shocking. There are some of those in this film that I was not expecting to go as far as it did but it just adds to why Michael Myers is so creepy and scary in these movies because he just kills anyone and shows no remorse for it at all despite all the blood and gore right in front of him that he is causing. If there is any reason to see this movie it is because of the kills and just to see Michael Myers murdering people left and right. Anyone looking for that with this movie will not be disappointed but in terms of story and characters, Halloween Kills is a mess. The movie is very entertaining but it also is disappointing not just in comparison to the original Halloween but to the 2018 movie which actually gave you a much better story to appreciate even if you knew how it was going to end. I'll just say right now that Halloween Ends coming out next year has to do a lot to be great. I won't deny it because I will always try to hope for the best and the movie does set up the next one well at least for it to be interesting in where it will go but after this movies disappointing story and characters it really needs to do a lot more than just showing Michael Myers killing people. I guess I kind of understand why many people haven't been liking this film but for me, I enjoyed it just enough for me to like it fine. If you're a Halloween fan then I would recommend watching this film at least once since it will give them what they want but anyone who is actually looking for a good Halloween sequel with a great story and well-developed characters is probably going to be disappointed. All I can say at this point to David Gorden Green is just good luck with Halloween Ends because I am both excited and really nervous to see how that film will turn out.

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