Happiest Season

Happiest Season ★★★½

A very funny and sweet romantic comedy film. The story is very well-told, the cinematography is good, the musical score is great, the humor gets some pretty good laughs, the direction is fantastic, most of the characters are really charming and likable, there are many sweet and heart-warming moments, the dramatic moments are pretty strong and effective, the film perfectly depicts the realism of family and relationships, and the main standout is the performances which are amazing from everyone especially from the two main actresses Kristen Stewart and Mackenzie Davis who both did a great job in their roles. However, the film does have a few problems. The story can get predictable at times, some of the characters aren't as interesting or as memorable as others, and the film does have a lot of cliches that were kind of bothersome but thankfully the film still worked even with those issues. It's nothing ground-breaking but the film still gets the job done by being a very sweet romantic comedy. If you're a sucker for those types of films or just want something that will make you feel good and leave with a smile on your face then you will really enjoy this film.

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