Lamb ★★★★

Just when you think A24 can't get any weirder with what movies they distribute they always find a way to surprise you with what they put out. Lamb I can say is a movie that I've been wanting to see for quite a while now. Ever since the trailer came out I have been really looking forward to this one. However, I missed out on it when it was in theaters and I didn't immediately get to it once it hit PVOD. I wanted to wait until the price dropped and thankfully it did this week. So now seeing Lamb about two months after it came out how is it? Well, I'll just say that I really did dig this film. It's not flawless but there are still many aspects about this movie that I really loved. I'll get them out of the way first before I get into my couple of negatives. The story itself is pretty interesting, original, and kept my attention the whole way through, the musical score is great, the direction is fantastic, the editing is good, the pacing is really slow but not once was I ever bored, the tension keeps rising and rising until you get to the last 10 minutes of the film where it reaches its max, there are some really shocking and jaw-dropping moments that I wasn't expecting and are delivered at the right time, the dramatic moments are very effective, and the performances are stellar from everyone with Noomi Rapace and Hilmir Snaer Guonason as the main couple being the main standouts and being fully committed to their roles. However, even the performances can't beat the best thing this film has to offer and that is the cinematography. I just need to say that this is one of the most beautiful looking films that I've seen this year or just in general. Every shot is beautiful to look at while also being very atmospheric in some moments. The film does have a limited setting and we don't go to many places in this film but even with that, there are shots of both the house and the mountains where you can just pause the film and it will look like a painting. It's that pretty to look at. Eli Arenson who did the cinematography here really does deserve some kind of award for this because the man really shot something amazing here. However, as I said before the movie does have some things that don't work. The first is that the movie does feel very long. While I was never bored I did feel how long this movie is. Mainly in the second half was where I started to realize how long the movie was but it doesn't ruin the film by any means. Also, the other issue I had was with the fact that I wish I would've gotten a much crazier and insane ending. I've heard many people say how the ending of this film is just so shocking and crazy and while it did leave a shocking impression on me it wasn't as big as I expected. I was really expecting just totally utter chaos happening in the last 10 minutes of the film but it was really just one moment that was incredibly shocking and then the movie just kind of stops after that. It's nowhere near bad but I just wished the film had a much more insane or just better ending. Overall, though despite those issues I would still consider Lamb a great movie. It's one that definitely requires you to be patient throughout it but I do think that it is worth at least one viewing. Not everyone will get into how weird and odd it is but I think you should know that by now when watching an A24 movie. Absolutely give this movie a watch if you're a fan of slow-burn movies and may A24 keep it coming with all of the weird movies that they will continue to distribute to North America in the future.

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