Spider-Man: Far from Home

Spider-Man: Far from Home ★★★★

I did it! Finally got through all of the Spider-Man movies before seeing No Way Home in less than 12 hours from now. So freaking excited but I think you all know that at this point. Anyway let's move on with Spider-Man: Far From Home and just like with Homecoming it is fun, really funny, and extremely entertaining. I'll just say that this movie does fix one of the problems I had with Homecoming. In that, there is a bit more depth in this movie that makes it feel slightly more big and epic. While the film still tries to be funny a lot it also does have some emotional moments that work very well alongside the humor which also gets plenty of big laughs. The cast is also still stellar here. Tom Holland is fantastic as both Peter Parker and Spider-Man, Samuel L. Jackson is amazing as he always is, Zendaya and Jacob Batalon provide great support, and Jake Gyllenhaal is great as Mysterio. I will say that the twist with his character that happens in the middle of the film felt a little jarring considering the tonal shift in a certain scene and the more you think about it the more the twist does feel pretty generic but considering how amazing Gyllenhaal is I can honestly kind of look past that problem. You add in some fantastic action scenes, good visual effects, a lot of creative moments especially with the illusions used in the film, great cinematography and directing, and extremely likable characters it all adds up to another great Spider-Man movie. Still think Spider-Verse and Spider-Man 2 are better Spider-Man movies than this one but I would still put it near the top of my Spider-Man Movies Ranking. Overall, this movie is just a pure blast from beginning to end. Absolutely recommend checking this movie out especially if you loved Spider-Man: Homecoming. Now that my rewatching of the Spider-Man movies is all done I only have one more sentence to say to cap this review off. Bring it on Spider-Man: No Way Home!

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