Suspiria ★★½

This is going to be a really unpopular opinion but I really didn't like this film that much. I have so many reasons why but before I state them I will get the good stuff in this film out of the way because I have some positives about the film. The cinematography is good, the musical score is great, the dance sequences are fantastic to watch, there are some really disturbing and creepy moments, the set design looks pretty good, and the acting is solid from everyone especially from Dakota Johnson and Tilda Swinton who both stand out and give a great performance but even those things can't save all the problems I have with the film. First would be that the story can get really confusing and had me lost at so many points. I thank the film for not being a direct remake of the original film and trying to be more of a reimagining of that film but because of that, it doesn't create a story that's very easy to follow. Also because of that, I can't really get invested in the story which makes the problem even worse. I'm sure that if I watch the film again I will understand it better but this time I was really confused. The second problem is that the film looks very ugly and not very interesting. I heard that the director didn't want to use a lot of bright colors and make the film very bleak and while I understand why that is it doesn't change the fact that the film is very ugly and boring to look at. The third problem is that there are some really disgusting scenes that make the film very unpleasant to watch. What makes it worse is that the film is apparently rated R and I don't know why but it really should've been NC-17 cause there really is some gross stuff in this film. The gross stuff in the film also doesn't really have a point in the story and is just there for the sake of being gross. The filmmakers behind this film could've very easily turned down a lot of the blood and just unpleasant stuff in the film. Finally, the last problem with the film is the pacing. I can't even describe how slow this film is and just from the opening scene, I could tell that I was in for a very slow and boring ride and I was right. The problem also becomes worse when you look at the length of the film which is more than two and a half hours and most of the film is very slow-paced which really did annoy me. I think I can say that this is one of the most slow-paced films of all time which really is a big problem and that problem and including all the other ones that I mentioned nearly ruined the film for me. So when you take all of those things I only have one word to describe this film and that is mediocre. It does have really good things in it but it has way too many big problems for me to consider it good. I know that this is a very unpopular opinion and many people that have seen this film love it and think it's better than the original and I can understand why but it just wasn't for me. If you loved the original and want to see it then it's worth watching at least once but if not then you can skip this film.

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