The Holy Mountain

The Holy Mountain ★★★½

I'm back guys! Was pretty busy this week but now I have some time to watch some movies and all I can say is after watching my first movie in almost a week is just what the fuck? The Holy Mountain I mainly watched because a friend of mine recommend it to me and he loves movies as much as I do. When he showed me the trailer to this movie I knew I was in for some weird shit and after watching it I can say that while I did like the movie I sadly didn't love it like I expected to. There are so many things I adore about this film but there are just a couple of things that really hold me back from loving it. Those things are the pacing which after the first half gets really slow and the biggest problem with the film is how I understood about 10% of it. I know this film does have a lot of symbolism and there are times where I did understand some of those things but for the most part, I was just left there confused at what was going on. The movie is mostly just showing a bunch of weird and disturbing imagery and that is honestly the only reason I wanted to finish this film. Had not all this strange and bizarre imagery been in the movie it would've been pretty much a bore-fest. This is definitely a movie I have to watch again or watch videos about to understand it better but considering how slow the movie is I don't really know if I would watch it again. The point is that both the slow-pacing and an insanely confusing story really do keep me from loving this film as much as some other people do. However, as I said before I did find many things to love about this movie. The cinematography is amazing, the musical score is fantastic and at times can be really haunting, the direction is phenomenal, the set and costume design is stunning to look at, the acting is really good on everyone's part, and the best aspect of this film is quite obvious. The visuals and imagery. While I understood little to nothing about what was going on that didn't mean I wasn't fascinated by what I was looking at. There are so many images in this film that I will never forget and most of them are pretty disturbing and uncomfortable to look at but in a really good way. Thanks to the beautiful cinematography it also can make the weird imagery stand out more. The amount of color used in this film I also have to give credit to along with the set designs. They are really nice to look at and while there are so many things happening in this film you are invested in every frame because they are filled with so much creative stuff that you have to love it. With all of that said I can say that The Holy Mountain is not a film that will please everyone. It will definitely offend some people and even disgust some people and I would be lying if I said that I didn't get that feeling in some moments but this movie just does not give a shit about what it is doing to a point where I just have to respect it for that. I don't expect everyone to understand everything about this film but I do think it is a movie that you should watch at least once in your life. You may love it, hate it, or be entirely split on it. Either way, it really is an experience that I will definitely remember and one that I hope to revisit in the future and hopefully understand a lot of things in it better because I really need to know more about what this movie means if I'm going to sit through all this disturbing and weird imagery again.

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