Upgrade ★★★★

It was so impossible to not think of Venom while I was watching this. I know this film came out before Venom surprisingly by a couple of months but I saw this after I saw Venom so it was just so hard to not compare the film to that one. However unlike that film where it was just ok in my opinion this one is actually really good. The story is actually pretty engaging, the cinematography is great, the musical score is good, the direction is fantastic, the editing is brilliant, the dark humor is surprisingly pretty funny and gets some laughs, there are some really suspenseful and shocking moments that caught me off guard, the special effects look pretty good, the few dramatic moments are actually effective, the action scenes are intense and amazing to watch, and the performances are stellar from everyone especially from Logan Marshall-Green who is the main standout of the film. However, the film does have some issues. The story while engaging does get predictable at times and like I said before the film is scarily similar to Venom to the point where it took away some of the originality of the film even if it came out after this film. I'm also sure that the idea of something or someone taking over a human's body has been done plenty of times before but thankfully the film has so many good things about it that those two issues don't ruin the film at all. I'm glad that it has gotten more attention ever since it's release because it really did deserve it. If you're looking for a sci-fi action horror film that perfectly mixes all of those things then you will really enjoy this film. Also was I the only one that realized how much Logan Marshall-Green looked so much like Tom Hardy from Venom?

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