Burning ★★★★

First of all, this cover featuring Yoo Ah-in running is awful and does the film a disservice.

For whatever reason it completely eluded me that Lee Chang-dong, Burning's director, is the man who made Secret Sunshine and Poetry. Well, clearly because I did not look very closely at the film at all, and chose it because of the reputation it was quickly earning. So any hesitance I had going in was quickly erased.

Burning shares some themes with quite a few of the other films I've seen at TIFF this year, most evidently relationships, and more specifically, messy relationships. This is probably not very uncommon but it seemed to be more of a focus than I've typically noticed. But that is only the beginning, and Burning develops quite a good mystery.

It's a very good film but I think the unanswered questions as well as Steven Yeun's unforgettable character will age this film extremely well. Yeun's mysterious cool and calm will be a performance people look back on, and is hopefully a career changer for him.

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