Oslo, August 31st

Oslo, August 31st ★★★★

This is a nice little movie, and I'm looking forward to watching it again sooner than later. It's dialogue heavy during the first half, so it was hard to appreciate the cinematography, but I also think I'll like it even more the second time around. There was depth here that I probably couldn't appreciate fully.

The story centers around Anders, who is a couple weeks away from finishing a drug rehab program. He has a job interview, so he takes a short leave to go back into the city, Oslo, where he used to live and party.

The film is directed incredibly well. The pacing, dialogue, cinematography, it's all great. The interactions between Anders and the people around him seem authentic and they are intriguing. At 95 minutes long, it doesn't linger, a nice relief from what has seemed like an endless streak of 2 and 2.5+ hour movies. Longer doesn't mean better!

I don't think I've seen any negative reviews for this movie, but it's still under-watched. I'm not sure where it would fit on my 2012 rankings but it will challenge for a top 10 spot. And I'm also very glad to see that this is a remake/based on The Fire Within(1963), which has been on my Netflix queue for a while. Now I'm very excited to see that one, though maybe I should have started with that. Either way, people should see this movie.

p.s. I love that short bike scene

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