Here Comes Mr. Jordan

Here Comes Mr. Jordan ★★★½

A boxer destined to become world champion is taken by an angel too quickly from a plane crash he should have survived and, in turn, is placed back on earth in the body of a despicable millionaire. This film has a lot going for it. It never grows stale and moldy, the performances are all superb to say the least, and it's overwhelmingly pretty to look at. Robert Montgomery gives one of his most well-rounded performances as Joe Pendleton. He's working performances inside of performances at points, and he handles them deftly. James Gleason does a good job in support as Pendleton's trainer and coach. He was tailor-made for the role.

Maybe the most surprising thing to me was seeing how warm and hospitable Claude Rains can be. I'm so used to seeing him be a villain that his turn here really touched me. It's subtle and, sometimes, the best performance in the film.

Also, this is certainly better than the dreadful Warren Beatty remake.