Old ★★★½

If you know me you know that I love M. Night Shyamalan. Obviously, the guy has made some stinkers in the past but I still find his style to be one of the most unique and engaging styles of filmmaking in the thriller/horror genre. Like him or hate him, nobody else can make an M. Night Shyamalan movie.

Outside of Split, this is my favorite M. Night movie since The Village, and I love The Village. You get a little bit of M. Night’s worst tendencies and a little bit of his best tendencies in this one, but the good outweigh the bad by a lot. As per usual, his writing and dialogue are a bit clunky and very expository at times. Though surprisingly, (I say surprisingly because the trailers did NOT do the performances justice) this was so competently acted by most of the cast that it didn’t bother me much (though there are a few performances that fall completely flat).

The best part of this movie hands down are all of the visual and technical aspects that give the movie a totally unique feel. The cinematography is absolutely gorgeous and super innovative at times (M. Night needs to stick with Gioulakis, they’ve become a solid duo),  the makeup and effects all look fantastic, and the score, though not groundbreaking, builds onto the already shocking visuals to create an atmosphere full of tension.

What I didn’t expect is how full of heart this movie is. It may be not be a subtle way to show it but the message of living in the moment will not be lost on anyone. It almost scares you into it. I mean, everyone is afraid of aging and it’s very effective in bringing that fear out.

The only real problem I had was that the story definitely could have done something more. It seems like he held back a little when trying to get the full potential out of the premise because this is a really, really cool concept. Also I can tell people are gonna put WAY too much emphasis on the twist. Just because it’s a Shyamalan film doesn’t mean the twist is supposed to blow our minds. That being said, I am still a little iffy on is the part after the twist. Not a big fan of how it was wrapped up.

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