Killer Joe ★★★½

Thoroughly respectable play adaptation which, although a little stagey at times, offers a further glimpse of what Friedkin was capable of in his early seventies pomp.

Matthew McConaughy has always looked like a bastard, and was always better playing bastards. I never quite understood the exile in by-numbers rom-coms, and here that steely, mincing narcissism is employed to horribly twisted effect. His 'Joe' is real horrorshow.

The film revels in it's trailer trash milieu, the central family almost presented as a tick-list of lowbrow culture and American underclass toil and degradation. It's possibly a little too lurid and disgusting for some, with one scene in particular possibly the grossest I've seen in a while, but the darkest of humour and strong work from the cast (Juno Temple, in particular) help elevate proceedings somewhat.

There's unarticulated incestuous desires, the least supportive family in history and in the end this is like a Greek tragedy performed by the guests of a particularly harrowing Jeremy Kyle show. Oddly worth it, despite all that.