Persistence of Vision ★★★★

"Art Babbitt was a very practical person, and Art thought about Dick, that Dick was saving animation, that he was saving the art, that it was falling into an abyss, and that Richard Williams was the savior of animation. He was saying that it was this building in London with these people working in it, that were going to save the art of animation, and take it beyond where it had been. Art said we’ve only scratched the surface of what animation can do"
I cannot stress how important the story of the Thief and the Cobbler is and how inspiring even the incomplete version of this magnum opus has been to me for these past years studying film. Despite the film never being finished, it gives me hope that one day more masterpieces like this could be made, and reminds me at my most cynical moments about how many astonishing films exist. It just takes someone as brilliant and as driven as Richard Williams to take up the challenge. Here's holding out hope.