The Dead Don't Die ★★

Considering how consistently great Jim Jarmusch has been in his career so far, I have been surprised with how little I have enjoyed some of his newest releases. Gimme Danger was underwhelming to say the least, and The Dead Don't Die doesn't even have the modicum of interest that would come from having an inherently interesting subject like The Stooges. I had heard mixed reactions to this film before I saw it a couple of nights ago, and I have to say that this is the most trite, clumsy, and mundane Jarmusch film I have ever seen.
For people who have not seen his other work, this film may be interesting, but for those who have seen his experimental early films, one cannot help but be disappointed by The Dead Don't Die.
Furthermore, the analogy this film makes between people of the modern day, and zombies, is just incredibly stupid. This golden age line of thinking, which makes people believe that somehow the generations that grew up with the internet are more ignorant or mindless than the generations before them, is unimaginably ignorant. I mean how brain dead can a film be when a zombie is mumbling cultural buzzwords to make the connection that humans are addicted to certain aspects of their lives? Is it somehow a new idea that humans can place meaning in the meaningless? Um, do The Crusades ring any bells? No, people are probably right, humans just started being ridiculous and it's this age of technology and consumerism that has changed humanity so much...