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  • The Dead Don't Die

    The Dead Don't Die


    Considering how consistently great Jim Jarmusch has been in his career so far, I have been surprised with how little I have enjoyed some of his newest releases. Gimme Danger was underwhelming to say the least, and The Dead Don't Die doesn't even have the modicum of interest that would come from having an inherently interesting subject like The Stooges. I had heard mixed reactions to this film before I saw it a couple of nights ago, and I have…

  • Gimme Danger

    Gimme Danger


    I am a huge Jim Jarmusch fan: films like Permanent Vacation, Stranger than Paradise, Down By Law, Mystery Train, Ghost Dog, Dead Man, The Limits of Control, etc., are incredible. But why would a cutting edge director like Jarmusch, pay tribute to his favorite influential and experimental band, by making the most conventional, almost PBS style, talking head straight laced documentary? When I watch a Jarmusch film his style is so defined that it can feel like I am inside…