Climax ★★★★★

A quick story: I remember, years ago, seeing the film Mother in theaters with a friend of mine. Like Climax, that movie starts off unassumingly and swells to a fever pitch as the story progresses. Every new horror catches you off guard and attempts to toy with and then annihilate your senses. However, it couldn’t save itself from a contrived and muddy ending.
This is where the films are nothing alike.
Every second of screen time realizes it’s full potential in Climax. If you’re feeling bored by the halfway point of the movie, it is entirely intentional. Noe lulls the audience into a false sense of security before presenting them some of the most brutal imagery put to film in years. A lot of reviewers have said that Climax feels...alive. Like it’s more than cinema. Like it’s breathing and watching your every move. Building off of that, I’d poset that it’s not hard to imagine the entire film as an extended dance sequence, as if the choreography that opens the film never really ends but just grows stranger as time goes on. These are all young adults with goals and aspirations large enough to fill a stadium. But their fear of themselves, of their worst qualities and secrets being known, is the real monster.
As someone who believes in the importance of recognizing how the essentials influence filmmakers today, I refrain from saying a movie is “like nothing I’ve ever seen before” but-
Climax is like nothing I’ve ever seen before.