Held ★½

Tonight I saw an awful movie. A really bad movie. I went to see this movie because it looked terrible and I’d had an awful day mentally and needed to watch something bad to feel better about myself. This didn’t disappoint. There wasn’t a single thing that transpired that wasn’t totally predictable. In fairness, the concept itself was KINDA original and there was a small span of time when certain things are revealed about Emma (was that her name?) where I thought this could be a movie that addresses socially repulsive but very real themes in a nuanced and unique way, but that span of time lasted from me increasing my sour patch kids intake from one to three serving sizes (and I don’t fuck around when I get a box of sour patch kids). The one drone shot that they did like six times was cool the first time. The six minutes where Emma is just unpacking shit and looking around the house could’ve been a hotels.com commercial. This was so fucking bad guys. Highly recommend!