All Quiet on the Western Front

All Quiet on the Western Front ★★★½

I was a little surprised that Germany have never adapted Erich Maria Remarque's novel before. But All Quiet on the Western Front is beautifully shot and bleak as hell. It's a mood of a movie. Felix Kammerer is caked in every possible type of mud you can think of at different points during the movie. The action is more about the carnage of the First World War and the carelessness of those in charge of the lives of their young, just throwing them into the meat grinder.

One of my favourite details is the opening showing the German army re-purposing of fallen soldiers uniforms and giving them to new recruits buzzed from the propaganda of the heroism of war.

Like all other anti-war movies. AQOTWF is not a movie to enjoy, but one to experience. But maybe not one to watch after you have just you have a gaggle of Lifetime Christmas movies. It really brings the mood down.

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