Tooth Fairy ★★

every week I get together with my buddy to crack some brews and talk all things FAST & FURIOUS. the result is a podcast unfortunately named PODFAST & PODFURIOUS. we're drunks, not geniuses.

here's a link to our Soundcloud and we can be found on iTunes/Stitcher with a simple search for Podfast.

in Minisode 20.5 (31:25) our old pals Bruce Wawa & Tony Sheetz take over the show to pay homage to their late friend & mentor Anthony Bourdain. then! we dig into the HOBBS & SHAW casting notices in an attempt to decipher who'll be joining the upcoming Fast spinoff.

in Episode 21 (1:16:15) it's time for TOOTH FAIRY, the 2010 smash hit(?) starring The Rock as a hard-headed hockey enforcer cum dental pixie. somehow this leads to us to discussing chimpanzee penises and ISIS cage fights. i have no idea. but that's what my notes say we talked about.