The Devil All the Time

The Devil All the Time ★★★½

A brutal watch - in *mostly* a good way. Tom Holland’s powerful performance leads a fantastic ensemble cast, with equally mesmerizing performances. Pattinson, Stan, Skarsgård, & Scanlen are highlights - as always.

The story leaks with dread from the first frame till the credits roll. It does get overly odd & ridiculous at times and the 2nd act drags on too long, but the convergence of subplots in the 3rd act was well handled & dare I say fairly satisfying - even if a bit predictable.

Overall, this is a violently disturbing portrait of vengeance & suffering that definitely won’t be for everyone. It falls a bit short of being a great film, but it’s still worth a watch for its dark intertwining story, GREAT cast, & decent character arcs.

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