Tenet ★★★★

Going back to the cinema was really good. I mean really good. The withdrawal I’ve been going through these last few months has not been fun and the last two days have been the longest ten years of my life so it was a great bit of reinvigoration, supported by the film probably best for ringing the cinema back in to my life of those slated for release in the somewhat near future. 
Cinema going experience aside, this was a great ride. I spent half the time not knowing what was happening and the other half guessing exactly where it would go but neither of those things, nor the murky character motivations that sprang from them, could really take away from the fact that this was a highly engaging film that had me in its grips the whole time. The action was always exciting and got my heart racing and piecing together what was happening was a full time job that I was thrilled to have, leaving me thinking about it well after the credits rolled and I suspect into the next few days despite an apparent simplicity with the whole picture revealed. As Nolan films go, it’s definitely one of the lesser ones and it didn’t have the kind of ending that knocked me flat like many of his but it still had some of that and a lot of his signature style and he’s a superb filmmaker so it’s still a great ride. I can’t wait to see it again, maybe in IMAX two months ago as he intended.

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