You Can't Take It with You ★★★

Frank Capra’s third nomination and final win for Best Director came from You Can’t Take It with You, his 1938 romantic comedy about the love between a man (James Stewart) from a rich, snooty family, and a woman (Jean Arthur) from an odd but well-intentioned family of artists. The eccentric cast of characters is a joy to watch and it has some of that charm that all Capra films have but it finds itself being a touch too sentimental, even for me and I usually eat that stuff up, and it falls fall short of Capra’s other offerings. It’s a screwball comedy that is excellent at what it does, but it lacks ambition of any sort and is content to have a simple message that love conquers all divides when other films from the same crew did the same but went so much further, leaving a lot to be desired.