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23 • deaf • i luv horror and i enjoy garbage movies  • ♒️♊️♊️ • 🧠🦠 MS fatigue killin me rn but i Am trying

Favorite films

  • The Ring
  • Nowhere
  • My Own Private Idaho
  • Mysterious Skin

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  • The Boy Next Door


  • There's Something Wrong with the Children

  • Ordinary People


  • We're No Angels

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  • Aftermath



    when the dog knows something is up you gotta leave asap

  • Anatomy



    i liked when a student killed a another student and hid his head in an aldi bag

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  • The Boy Next Door

    The Boy Next Door


    bro what was this MESS

    thinking about: 
    - the bully wearing a tshirt of lion and with the caption “SWAG.”
    - why is this insane  this dude gave a kid a skull fracture and he’s still allowed in school
    - loved when jlo saw her dead friend with her phone flashlight and was screaming and then looked away and looked again with the flash light i swear that scene was 2 min long

  • There's Something Wrong with the Children

    There's Something Wrong with the Children

    FUCK THEM KIDS‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️ 

    edit: but i will say i appreciate the mention of astrology in this movie one character is apparently a triple cancer ♋️

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  • Dead Poets Society

    Dead Poets Society


    im going to personally kill neil perrys dad with my bare hands

  • As You Are

    As You Are


    i wish i could fix this fucking ending