When You Finish Saving the World

When You Finish Saving the World ★★½

oh finn wolfhard, not even your amazing indie folk song can save a movie without depth. when you finish saving the world should be a movie i adore, messy people dealing with their place in the world and how they fit in with the people around them. but beyond the characters of a musically online teen and his fight the power mother, both ziggy and evelyn have very little under their surface. this would’ve worked better if the scenes they had in their own individual plotlines weren’t insufferable, or if they even showed a glimpse of the passion they supposedly have for what they do. in a film that clearly wants us to think the characters are good people outside of their strained relationship, scenes like the one where they forget the father’s ceremony feel pointless. the last five minutes felt like the most authentic of the whole film, being almost the only real glimpse we get of their passions and their underlying love for each other. but i will admit, the ending did make my heart happy. i’m always a sucker for an abrupt and open ending full of hope.

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