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audrey lorraine ⛧❄️⛧

"who am i here?" · the void: vampire, goddess, celebrity, evil sister

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  • The Game That Kills
  • Hockey Homicide
  • Pucked
  • Gay Blades

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  • Joy Ride: An Auto Theft

    Joy Ride: An Auto Theft


    my favorite psa trope besides accidentally-on-purpose horror vibes is when they make the case that you can totally be a delinquent and get away with it as long as you don't make a handful of obvious deus ex machina-y mistakes. this is great doomed 70s cinema, ticking all the boxes of stuff i wanna see in this stuff: baseball guys, driving around, messing around in abandoned wreckage, sketched-out nightmare sequences, more driving, long hair, having a bummer time.

  • Flower



    such a deeply unpleasant crowd of morals cops, in a film whose best arc for a young woman is for her to swap her fixation on her father for a fixation on her bf...but it's ok, because now their retributive justice urges were validated along the way when they bonnie and clyded themselves through the latest moral panic? this movie actually makes the case that prison is just fun and quirky lol what is going on

Popular reviews

  • The Love Witch

    The Love Witch


    Yeah, okay, Anna Biller.

    I'll stand by the opinion that this is mostly interesting because of its ability to elude easy classification. Everything in this film seems to point toward something subversive going on, but if you read Biller's own commentary, it becomes apparent this is exactly what it seems at first glance: an earnest throwback to sixties cinema that is so exacting it even replicates the era's problems with gender essentialism. Biller doesn't subvert any of this because she…

  • Urban Legend

    Urban Legend


    this is true, it happened at my school a few years back