Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi ★★★★★

The Last Jedi is the most thematically rich film in this saga, touching on the themes of failure and how great of a teacher it is, how much of an inspiration mere hope can be, and even how there are no “good” sides in a war - it’s all just one big repulsive system in which all sides are at fault. The Force is explored deeper as we see and learn about new abilities, and the hypocrisy and failure of the Jedi is made clear.

This has some of the best characterization in the whole series. In line with the themes of the film, each character fails, but they learn and grow from that failure. “Failure, the greatest teacher is.” Furthermore, the acting here is the best of the series. Acting has never been a strong point of the series, but Adam Driver and Mark Hamill are nothing short of excellent here.

Johnson’s direction is on par with Kershner’s direction of The Empire Strikes Back, giving the film a sense of urgency and dread, filling it with heavy emotion, but at the same time, a spark of optimism. The cinematography is impeccable and nothing short of breathtakingly beautiful. And it should go without saying that Williams’ score is masterful.

The Last Jedi features what I believe to be the most emotional moment of the entire series. Look, I’m empty, soulless, and void of emotion, but when Hamill and Fisher reunite, and Hamill speaks the phrase “No one’s ever really gone,” I can’t help but legitimately cry. And Luke’s final stand is perhaps the most epic scene in the entire series. Using only the Force, Luke faces his failure head on, saving what’s left of the Resistance at the cost of his own life. The most heroic way for the legendary Luke Skywalker to go out.

Also, that Yoda cameo is the greatest cameo in the history of cinema.

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