Dog Day Afternoon

Dog Day Afternoon ★★★★★

Listen what da fuk do ya want from me? Ya want me to tell ya that the most beautiful thing I ever seen in my entire piss poor life is Al Pacino’s face twitches in this movie, Dog Day Afternoon? Is that what you freaks wanna hear? That every widened eye and raised eyebrow and jaw spasm is erotic poetry to me? That there’s something about a glistening lower lip and seeing his bottom row of teeth that is just legitimately moving to me? And that when he run around all crazy and shuffles in his pants I’ve never felt more alive?? 

I can’t believe dis. I laughed so much and then cried to my mom the phone (true and cool) 

SPEAKING OF PHONES ring ring it’s da Al Pacino on da phone corner and folks I could watch him work a landline for days. This is my favorite part of any movie (when a man is making a serious call) 

Anyways this is a new favorite and for like 5 minutes after watching it I could feel it settle in my body and it will stay with me for a long time until I watch it again when I am probably being unhealthy 

Main takeaway though is that I would like to be burried alive in “tawk”s. I would somehow like my cause of death to be Al Pacino saying “tawk” 

Fave line reading: “What’s dis a squirrel?” 

Line that made me scream and say okay same: “When I’m bein fucked I like to get kissed a lot”

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