Call Me by Your Name

Call Me by Your Name ★★★★★

This was even more amazing the second time around, which is why I’ve put it up to a 5. 

Obviously, the best thing about this movie is the relationship between the two characters, and both Chalamet and Hammer do an impeccable job. The way they look at each other and hold each other is just so raw & real.

The cinematography is wonderful throughout, though quite subtle, it’s an aesthetically beautiful piece of film. The dull colouring of the movie is gorgeous, and of course the area they filmed the movie in helped the aesthetics a lot. The soundtrack is also subtle but great, really suiting the tone and moods of the film. 

To be honest, it’s just a crazily enjoyable watch from start to finish. The ending, though extremely heart-breaking, is a fantastic one; it’s so real and emotional. Everything about this movie works perfectly, and I cannot fault anything.

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