Captain Marvel ★★★½

Quarantine Movie #79

Second viewing, and this time around it felt a little long and a little slow in places, but I really enjoy this instalment. The chemistry between Vers and Fury is fantastic, and I really love the performances from the two leads. Goose was super fun, I absolutely love the Skrulls and the storyline surrounding them, the twists in the story were interesting and as an origin story, this was decent. There’s a couple of action scenes here I really love, especially the train scene. I do genuinely believe Captain Marvel brings something fresh and powerful to the MCU, and I’d like to see more of her. Following a character who cannot remember her life is very interesting, and I think the movie did a fun job with it.

But like I said above, it did feel a little slow this time around, whether that’s because I know what’s to come I’m not sure, but I wasn’t as engaged as I’d hoped to be. As much as I enjoyed the leads chemistry, I didn’t get as much humour here as I was hoping for; it was fun at times but some more humour would’ve made it a little fluffier. Also, I didn’t care for the new characters as much as the movie wanted me to; I liked them, but I didn’t love them.

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