Nope ★★★★

2022 Ranked

Always impressed by Peele and Nope was no exception; this was definitely his most ambitious film to date, and personally I believe it worked. The performances were exceptional, Keke Palmer being a scene stealing standout with Daniel Kaluuya impressing as always. The cinematography was stunning, creating an immersive experience and the effects looked great, particularly during the third act. The sound added to this feel, with an excellent score that helped elevate the material. It had a slower pace but was always interesting and entertaining, the storyline allowing the audience to put the pieces together. It’s definitely the most ambiguous in terms of message, but once you understand what it’s saying, it’s intriguing and bold. I loved all the characters, particularly the bond between the two leads, and I can’t wait to revisit this one as I believe I’ll think even better of it after multiple viewings. 

It’s not my favourite from Peele and I really didn’t know what to think/say as the credits rolled, but after thinking on it and having a bit of a google, it won me over.

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