Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi ★★★★

Quarantine Movie #103

This is easily one of the most divisive movies of the decade and THE most divisive of the franchise, but this is easily one of my favourite Star Wars films. Some of the script is a little cringey and I wasn’t crazy about some of the character choices, but asides from that, this has some REALLY great stuff.

The performances from Driver and Hamill amongst others are great, the fight scenes are really well choreographed and that last half an hour or so is fantastic. The use of the colour red in that scene puts me in complete awe every time. Kylo Ren is just such a compelling character to follow due to his ongoing battle with himself, and there’s so many other likeable characters here too, particularly Poe. I think the movie looks great, the cinematography is nice and the set design is pretty flawless. The Porg’s and Crystal Critters as well as the humour add in a little fun, but the movie does well to tug on the heartstrings and feature an equal amount of fun and shock.

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