Wild at Heart ★★★½

Quarantine Movie #57

I really really almost loved this; it’s crazy, horny and super fun, but I got a little lost along the way. The performances here are bloody great, Cage and Dern lead well with exceptional chemistry, but Willem Dafoe’s supporting performance was just top notch, and I was fully captivated everytime he was on screen (not that I’m surprised). The movie has an awesome start, straight into the action and craziness, and I loved the first act a lot. This had some really memorable scenes that I loved, most of which included our leads dancing to heavy metal. There was some decent gore and violence filtered throughout, which kept things interesting and the stakes high. The costuming was great, the film had a nice look overall and the soundtrack was banging. 

Unfortunately, some parts were a little slow and boring. My favourite parts were those that just included Dern and Cage working their magic, and I didn’t care for any of the side characters scenes at all (apart from Dafoe). I found the Mum really annoying as a character. The middle sagged a little for me, as middles usually do, but it didn’t keep my attention as much as I’d hoped. However, the start and end totally made up for that.

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