The Social Dilemma ★★★★

if your little robot computer is so smart and knows me inside out so much, how come i hate all the music it recommends to me huh?


in all seriousness, i’ve always known im being watched and tracked and kinda just treated it like k and??? what am i gonna do? shatter my phone, tablet, computer and just live in this fast paced, modern society as i would’ve in the 1800s? but what i never considered is how these very same forces that work to show me cody ko related content, also work to divide the nation in subjects that are quite literally matters of life or death. i don’t even have a glimmer of where the solution to this would start, its not even near my field of expertise, so i do wish this doc would’ve wrapped up with a call to action or a suggested plan of action on how we can change this course. maybe they did and i just missed it?? or maybe not even THEY know lmao. but just how the dude said at the very end when asked if he thought there could be a solution to inhumane AI, “we have to.”