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Film Club #6

Wild at Heart isn’t my favorite Lynch movie but it’s still really good. I’d say this is one of his more approachable movies but I would not recommend this to someone who hasn’t seen a Lynch movie. With an opening starting with a murder, the viewer is immediately plunged into the wild live’s of Sailor and Lula. For both characters, I saw this movie as a Lynchian take on a coming-of-age story. Both characters set out on a road trip that forces them to grow individually and together. I felt the story was generally really interesting and kept me intrigued but there were some parts that weren’t fully convincing in the end (i.e. sailor’s realization that he should stay with Lula). Laura Dern was phenomenal, and I actually really liked Nic Cage in this. Willem Dafoe was so creepy in this movie, especially in the robbery scene in that one shot (you know what shot). I liked this movie a lot but I wish there were more convincing parts (again, mostly on Nic Cage’s end), and a little less objectification of women. But I’d definitely rewatch!

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