Eternals ★★★★

If I can avoid so, I don't read reviews and limit the number of trailers I watch. I want to avoid having a film spoiled for me. Using this site, it's hard not to see early reviews of movies I plan to watch from people I follow. When I heard of the low ratings for Eternals, It didn't keep me from watching it and forming my own opinion.

We've seen celestials in the MCU, from 'Guardians of the Galaxy' and 'What If?' These brief appearances established their existence without an in-depth understanding of their purpose—especially for those residing on Earth. Having a team of 10 Eternal granted power is an ambitious project to portray on-screen while allowing each member to establish their character on-screen. It is something Chloé Zhao accomplishes.

Because the MCU has built a world teaming with heroes, there can be an expectation for continuous epic battles involving the primary protagonists. Yet Zhao allows us to explore each character's desires, abilities, limitations, and perspectives through the millennia they live on Earth. Though they face off against the Deviants, the story is more complex than a simple war between good and evil.

Being unaware of their entire purpose, the Eternals contribute to the gray area. Are they truly protectors of Earth and its inhabitants? Or does the celestial Arishem have a hidden agenda that the Eternals must carry out? Zhao effectively communicates the conflict, and we walk with the Eternals as they grow to understand their purpose.

With all ten members of the Eternals, we see brief times where they assembled in the past and learn why they broke up in the present day. However, the Deviants' return to Earth provides an opportunity to bring everyone together, but it doesn't occur.

You will be disappointed if you expected this film to be on par with Captain America: Civil War or Avengers: Endgame. There are conflicts involving battles, but it's not the primary purpose for Zhao. She strives to convey on-screen a deeper story. We get one of our most diverse casts in the MCU. Each Eternal represents various ethnicities, age ranges, powers & skills, and desires. We see heterosexual & homosexual relationships. There's also a plutonic partnership involving deep love for each person, which we should see more. Bollywood gets a prominent role in the film. One Eternal team member is non-verbal and communicates in sign language. Eternals platforms various communities that do not appear in blockbuster films that often—especially with depth.

I enjoyed the performances from the cast. Because the list is long, I don't want to name them all. Instead, I encourage you to enjoy the different types of portrayals on-screen.

Eternals is one of the few MCU films that don't require reviewing the backlog before watching it. I look forward to re-watching it. I hope others don't allow the reviews of other people to dissuade them from watching it too.

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