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This review may contain spoilers.

I heard how great this movie was since last year, but I didn't know anything about it leading up to watching it. I think sometimes this is the best way to watch a film. You can either be influenced by other people's opinions or the trailers that give too much away. Outside of hearing how good it was thankfully that is all I knew.

My interest was immediately raised as the plot started to unfold in the beginning minutes. By the time the son's plans are revealed, the title of the film starts to make sense. This is a great exploration of the difference between class and one's station in life. I also appreciated the small insight into South Korean life.

I got to give credit to Kim Ki-jung, her investigation into Art Psychology and nailing the trauma that Park Da-song experienced showed how smart she and the rest of her family were. I also thought the acting overall was great.
What really kept me interested was seeing how the Kim family got caught up in the fantasy of living the life the Park family lived. They never saw the folly of their maintaining their ruse long-term. Meanwhile, the Park's were oblivious to not just what the Kim family was doing to them but the fact that another family was living under their roof, who was directly responsible for the trauma that Da-song experienced.

By the time we get to the end, it is unclear to me if Ki-woo is successful in executing his plan to rescue his father, or if it is just a fantasy. The choice to end it there I thought was fine.

Having watched a lot of films this year, I can see why this was in the running for Film of the Year. Many people complain about subtitles, but I would rather watch a foreign language film with subtitles than to have it dubbed. There is an opportunity to appreciate language that way.

This truly a unique and great film and I am glad I got to see it without knowing anything going in. I am also glad I got to see it in a theater as opposed to waiting for it be streamed.

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