Ran ★★★★★

Even if you don't watch films in sub-titles due to not knowing a foreign language, I highly recommend watching Ran.   There is such great use of color.  The story is engaging and easy to follow.  If you are a fan of Shakespeare, you will appreciate specific segments based on King Lear.  Other aspects of the story draw from the legend of Mōri Motonari, allowing it to preserve its cultural identity.  It is an excellent film intermixed with Japanese history, stunning settings, and great acting insulated in an action drama.

You think you are receiving a story of one family and how they will respond to the aging patriarch preparing for his retirement. The film opens in a calm, green setting.   As the story moves along, the environment becomes bleaker.  New scenes reveal treacherous actions and motives. Thus you are transported into a narrative that is so much more than what's shown initially.

I waited to watch this film since I knew it would require more of my attention than most movies I watch. I am glad I did. Akira Kurosawa is such a great storyteller.  After watching Throne of Blood and Ran, now I need to see even more of his catalog.

I highly recommend anyone who loves action, drama westerns, or war films to watch this.  It will be worth your time.

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