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  • Nicholas and Alexandra

    Nicholas and Alexandra


    (Warning: A long review of a long movie ahead.)

    This is one of those prestigious, big-budget historical epics that felt far more common up through the 1960s until the harsher realism associated with 1970s films came about and sort of weaned them out, and yes, it certainly does seem like a film that the Academy Awards would go gaga over with its sense of respectable grandiosity and importance as this shows the downfall and deaths of the last Tsar (or…

  • Bruno



    It’s a cute little dramedy film although some will likely think that this is a typical PG kids or family film from the information available on it, thus missing the 13 after the PG and being surprised by the language and also the explicit slurs that a bully kid hurls at our two likable child leads. I know that, at least, I forgot about all this language in the time since I last watched this when I was a kid.…

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  • Dr. Phibes Rises Again

    Dr. Phibes Rises Again


    I think the differences between the two Phibes films can be most clearly displayed by their renditions of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” that play over their respective end credits. The first is a a simple and jazzy instrumental version that comes across as rather bittersweet in a way that feels appropriate for the darkly humorous film preceding it as well as the film’s emotional core and motivation regarding Phibes and his wife Victoria now being reunited in seeming death. The…

  • Death of a Shadow

    Death of a Shadow


    I don’t really watch short films a lot, but today, I happened to watch two, both starring Matthias Schoenaerts and being set during World War I. The other was Tunnelrat of which I can only really say “It’s fine” and nothing else. This was definitely the more interesting of the two with its dark fantasy premise and its pleasing visuals that depicted a world of deathly shadows. 

    Since this is a short film, the viewer is just dropped in the quick…