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  • Molly's Game

    Molly's Game


    This is the second Jessica Chastain film I have watched this month and I gotta give it to her. There might be rumors that she's hard to work with behind the scenes, but she definitely knows how to pick interesting roles and stories.

    Molly's Game delivers things I don't understand about the game technicalities of Poker and some of the US law but it is definitely captivating. Chastain's and most especially Elba's performance, are excellent. And if most of the…

  • The Witness

    The Witness


    38 witnesses and no one even bothered to help? Right off the bat, the subject matter baffles me. Watching and hearing the stories just gave me the chills. Where is humanity when you need it? However, as the documentary progresses, I found out how irresponsible journalism comes into play - how the statements were misconstrued and edited to fit a compelling story. It makes you question the credibility of the news, whether on the paper or on television. Now, what…

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  • Black Panther

    Black Panther


    Black Panther showcases well-executed action sequences and explores a fascinating and colorful world that stems from African roots. While the film exhibits captivating characters with sheer entertainment and strong relevant message, it uses the same Marvel formula that cloys some expectations as it isn't very distinctive from the rest of the blockbuster superhero films we've seen before. Black Panther is rich and stunning, but is coasting in the middle at the same time.

  • Welcome the Stranger

    Welcome the Stranger


    Between the minimal dialogue, and hypnotic, sharp score; the film meanders into a vague or probably too deep of a metaphor that leads to a rather confusing conclusion that doesn't really do or say much. Welcome The Stranger is incredibly peculiar and absolutely ambiguous.