Weathering with You

Weathering with You ★★★★½

Makoto Shinkai is a writer/director who certainly knows how to deliver a fantasy that is both relevant and poignant. Your Name, Shinkai's last feature is a masterpiece to beat and remains superior over Weathering with You but I cannot deny that Shinkai's masterful storytelling is still at play. The animation is still top-notched. The cinematography and the visuals? Wow. Breathtaking! Match it with an amazing score and moving soundtrack? I was transported into a different world!
Weathering with You, in hindsight, takes the pressing issue of climate change into the center of its fantasy. The theater was elated and filled with shrieks of "aaawwws"" and "ooooohs" with that effective "crossover" as well as the budding romance between Hodaka and Hina but I can't help but think how many years do we have left before we could see and feel the devastating effects of erratic climate change brought about by global warming? It truly is scary. And I think it's just a matter of time.

Aside from a little issue with the pace from half of the first act, I couldn't find anything significant to criticize. Weathering with You is funny, heartwarming and a film that not only sends a pertinent message but also a challenge to everyone.