Eternals ★★★★

{Ajax} thinks I should hwwik {Thena} cause she's got the brain scramblies, but I can't do it. She's my best friend, my rotten soldier. She's my sweet cheese."
- Laszlo, What We Do In The Shadows

I LOVE that this movie opens and is like, "Listen, I'm not gonna lie. There's gonna be a LOT of lore here, but, BUT look at these vistas!" And as I squirmed not entirely convinced, they added, "Aaaaand Dragon Monster Fights..."

"How many Dragon Monster Fights, movie?"

"Oh. ALL the Dragon Monster fights."

"Well that's enough for me to excuse my face blindness between British guy who does nothing, Irish guy who has powers, and Space Boy who knows Thanos i guess."

Not a fan of Marvel giving razzle dazzle hands as they ask, "Did anyone ask for
...The Black Knight??"

No Marvel. No one wants that.

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