Frenzy ★★★½

The penultimate film by Alfred Hitchcock, Frenzy is a pretty gruesome late work from the director and represents a return to form somewhat after the politically-influenced doldrums of Torn Curtain and Topaz. This is a straight murder mystery about a wronged man, a favourite genre of Hitchcock's, though this one is notably absent in the mystery. Rather, Frenzy allows Hitchcock to go pretty violent and sexualized and the slightly misogynist tendencies of his prior films is put to the forefront here.

There are the requisitely well-executed set pieces that Hitchcock is famous for as well as the black humour, though this one is also preoccupied a lot of the time on process and intricate details. From what I had read about the film, I primed myself for a giallo actually made by Hitchcock and though the film was extreme for the director, it didn't comes close to the excess of the sexualized murder romps that the Italians frequently conjured up. The obvious comparison would be to Psycho and the film is obviously inferior to the earlier work; taken by itself it's a sometimes disturbing descent into the mind of a madman but slightly light on aesthetic and thematic depth.

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