Megan Is Missing ½

Before I get into this I just wanna let viewers from tiktok know that this film contains: r@pe scenes,kidnapping, and the negative effects to come of those acts. (I know alot of people from tiktok are younger and some might not research there films so a wanted to leave a trigger warning for you guys somewhere)

Ive had the unfortunate tragedy of seeing this film on several occasions and i never said anything about it because I've gotten backlash for talking about this film in the past and it always felt risky as the fans of this film are quite die hard and quick to throw insults but now that the film is trending and I'm a little older I feel the need to say something.

This film is exploitative, poorly made, and manipulative to the audience. "Megan is Missing" is a film relying purely off of shock value and emotional manipulation to silence the audience and convince them that the film is just well meaning and misunderstood rather than realise it's misguided and crass. If this film was for the greater good like it claims then why would it potray teenagers as dumb and immature? Why would it show an enlogated R@pe scene that is zoomed in on the characters face through out? This flick is nothing but a cash in on parents who don't understand the internet when realistically if a man where to claim his camera was always broken then ask you to meet him in public anyone with half a brain would decline the offer. The flick also has tasteless scenes where Megan is showed as being nothing but a sex obessesed teen rather than a 3 dimensional character. There was clearly no research done when making a movie about sensitive topics and it's extremely aggravating.

Other than the content of the film itself this is absolutely terrible on a technical level. there are multiple shots where you can see the cameramens shadows/reflections, there's a chunk where you can hear the director say "action!" And none of the performances are believable in the slightest.

Don't watch this film, if you're looking for a good horror film this isn't the one. Stay Spooky- Red

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